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the largest BOPP film production line in Asia is settled in Hefei

Anhui Guofeng Group aims at the most advanced international technology, and spends 200million yuan to introduce 3 to provide customized integrated material solutions - its excellent lightweight, easy to shape characteristics and durability. A 50000t BOPP film production line. It is reported that the BOPP production line introduced this time is the first one in Asia so far. 4. Testing process: the experimental process, measurement, display and analysis are all completed by computers. It is the fourth 10 meter wide plastic packaging film production line in the world. It is also the largest production line in Asia with an annual production capacity of 100000 tons. It is understood that in February, the BOPP sales volume of Guofeng Group reached 3400 tons, and the sales revenue reached 37million yuan. The production and sales volume broke through the plan. The good market prospect provided conditions for the commissioning of the new BOPP film production device

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