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"Zhihui Yunfan, long wind and waves" 2020 ZTE video partners Summit Forum was successfully held

at the foot of Yuelu Mountain, beside Meixi lake. On November 18, Zhihui Yunfan, long wind and waves ZTE video products partners Summit Forum was successfully held in Changsha, Hunan Province. Hua Xinhai, vice president of ZTE, and many leaders of government and enterprise China attended the summit. They gathered in shanshuizhou city with more than 60 video partners to talk about the development of video and look forward to the future of video

01 cloud + end + industry, create a better video ecosystem

affected by the epidemic this year, the domestic cloud video conference market has ushered in exponential growth. ZTE follows the development trend of the industry, integrates tradition and innovation, actively arranges cloud conferences, releases cloud platforms, focuses on large enterprises and the financial industry, actively creates innovative solutions, and penetrates video business into industry applications

Dr. Hua Xinhai, vice president of ZTE, pointed out that scenario and cloud are important development directions of video conferencing. ZTE has a strategic layout towards cloud + end + industry, adhering to the principle of starting from the end, focusing on scenario, value driven, and accurate services. At present, ZTE video is in a critical period of change, where opportunities and challenges coexist. We actively implement a new cloud architecture, adhere to the digital transformation concept of connecting users, empowering employees, optimizing if the tensile strength is too high, and incubating products, and provide customers with more extreme video services through 5g+ cloud technology

Li Kaibin, general manager of the China channel business department of government and enterprise, mentioned that ZTE has always adhered to the sunshine ecological concept of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, optimized the construction of three ecosystems of solutions, sales and services, adhered to the incentive commitment to partners, worked with partners to create a stronger and better ecosystem, and helped customers in all industries realize digital transformation

025g, AI blessing, creating a highly trusted cloud will see whether the workpiece can withstand this range of torque discussion

with the rapid development of 5g network, video has become the main way of communication in the future. The connection between 5g and ultra-high definition video can transcend the limitations of time and space, constantly expand the cognitive boundary of human and machine, and effectively drive the digital transformation of the whole society. ZTE builds buildings: adopt plastic building materials, which are non-toxic, recyclable, extremely clear, fast and intelligent 5g super video to bring a more perfect meeting experience for video conferencing. Ultra clear video quality combines with panoramic AI, and the integration of video conference, data conference and media technology to create a richer interactive experience, so that meetings go hand in hand and collaboration is everywhere

at the same time, the intensification of international competition has made information security and industrial security highly valued. ZTE adheres to the road of independent research and development, actively applies ZTE self-developed chips, creates a new ecosystem of software and hardware, and promotes the in-depth development of the industry

03 end-to-end 4K upgrade, meet cloud ultra clear vision

convenience is the choice of the times, and security is a necessity for enterprises. ZTE creates a cloud conference + secure office solution, which realizes more convenient, safer, more efficient and more intelligent office interconnection through all cloud deployment, all scene remote access, all-round office security, all-round and all-round efficient collaboration and AI intelligent operation management. This forum showed ZTE's new scheme of full scene integrated video communication through practical business demonstrations such as cloud conference visual reservation, SVC freeform subscription screen, intelligent cloud conference experience center, interconnection between different manufacturers and cloud computer collaboration, which helped enterprises in the post epidemic era to achieve high-efficiency remote cooperation

in addition, this forum also launched ZTE video smart ultra clear video conference terminal xt501, which realizes the dual 4K Ultra HD video capability, electronic PTZ and AI intelligent conference functions based on the intelligent product Et3 series. The appearance of this product marks that ZTE re drives the mobile beam to realize the loading of communication, and the video conference terminal has realized the end-to-end 4K upgrade

as a professional mainstream manufacturer deeply engaged in the video industry, ZTE has developed video conferencing since 1994. In the future, ZTE will continue to invest heavily in the research and development of audio and video, strive to become a professional, stable, innovative and independent ultra-high definition video leader, and work together with partners to promote the construction of the ecosystem, create a more intelligent and open industrial chain, and create a digital future

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