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Smart bathroom is facing "cutting leeks" at a low price or causing changes in the industry

recently, Xiaomi ecological chain company launched a "floor price" smart toilet cover - Xiaomu smart toilet cover, with a market sales price of only 799 yuan. It seems that the "Hongmi battle", which once frightened the industry, is about to be staged in the bathroom industry. In the words of Xiaomi ecological chain company, it is "799 yuan Ko competitor". This undoubtedly brings a "cool" to the current hot smart bathroom market

cover plate: below 800 yuan, the Red Sea is about to become a sea of blood

two years ago, the intelligent bathroom industry was at the tuyere, and it was so easy to make money that everyone felt like a "pig" standing at the tuyere and being blown to heaven. But now the wind is running out, and the pigs are going to land

on tmall, the sales price of smart covers has already fallen below 800 yuan. Even for some domestic first-line bathroom brands, the sales price of entry-level smart covers has also fallen below 1000 yuan. In terms of international brands, Toto fell to less than 2000 yuan, while Panasonic pulled down to 1399 yuan. Only Weibo and Gaoyi, which take the high-end route, are still strong. On, the price of some miscellaneous smart covers is even only more than 400 yuan

compared with the "low price/price reduction" of bathroom brands, the "price killing" of Xiaomi ecological chain is more destructive. Thanks to the huge brand advantage, the "799 yuan" that breaks through the base price will undoubtedly accelerate the decline of the smart cover plate, which has already been declining all the way, and turn the red sea of the cover plate market into a sea of blood

at this point, even Xiaomi ecological chain company did not hide that "since Xiaomi ecological chain began to produce cost-effective products, the smart toilet cover industry has also attracted a wave of low prices. Many friends began to reduce the entry-level price of toilet covers to attract more traffic attention."

the reality is the same. A brand enterprise that sells smart covers on recently removed its smart covers from "This price is too uncomfortable! I don't know how they do it. According to our quality control standards, we can't afford less than 1000 yuan."

dominoes are falling, and the third in the field is the best example. After entering the game, Xiaomi quickly knocked down a large number of domestic manufacturers with low price and high cost performance, successfully seizing the market, smart prices fell steadily, and a large number of OEM factories closed down. This scene may be staged in the field of intelligent bathroom

the first to be impacted will be the enterprises that mainly produce smart cover plates. At present, there are dozens of domestic enterprises producing smart cover plates. If you count the "small workshop" assembly plants, there may be hundreds. Most of these enterprises survive in the form of "OEM" and OEM smart cover plates for sanitary enterprises, with meager profits and supported by shipments

some smart toilet lid products of Xiaomi are also OEM by smart bathroom manufacturers in Zhejiang. In addition to Jardine's bathroom, it is reported that several mainstream smart bathroom enterprises in Taizhou are also cooperating with Xiaomi. Under the agitation of Xiaomi "799", other bathroom brands will also continue to reduce the price of smart covers. Whether it is active or passive, it is a high probability event that 699, 599 or even 499 smart covers will appear in batches in the market in the future

prices are getting lower and lower, profits are getting thinner and thinner, and a number of OEM plants without core technology are on the way to bankruptcy

"herd together, and sooner or later the cover plate market will be rotten. The capital chain, market environment, and the enterprise's own costs are controlled. If there is a problem in any link, it is easy for the enterprise to fail." Some people even predict that in the near future, the cover plate OEM will be closed in batches, and even the OEM enterprises that take the ship of "Xiaomi" will not have a better life. In addition to the low OEM profits, there is also the risk of being cancelled by Xiaomi

all in one machine: starting in 1999, 1799 and 1699, and then keeping up with the "floor price" of

intelligent cover plate may not be enough to hurt the nerves of sanitary enterprises. After all, most sanitary enterprises are dominated by intelligent all in one machines, and the share of cover plate is small. However, the trend of all-in-one machine price bottoming out has made sanitary ware enterprises feel chilly

there are not a few intelligent all-in-one machines with a price lower than 2000 yuan in the market. Even for mainstream bathroom brands, the price of promotional smart toilets has fallen below 2000 yuan, or is hovering in the early 2000s. In mid June, the well-known domestic sanitary ware brand a made a big complaint against another well-known domestic sanitary ware brand B, because a launched an all-in-one machine with more than 2000 yuan, which brought them a lot of trouble

"we don't care about the price of sketch cards. After all, if they want to survive, it won't affect us. But brand a is a brand in the same tier as us. Isn't it confusing the market to pull the price so low?" A person in charge of Brand B was resentful

the real worry is still ahead. Panasonic's intelligent all-in-one machine for household appliances has come. According to industry sources, Xiaomi is also stepping up its progress. If there is no accident, Xiaomi all-in-one machine will be on sale in the second half of the year, and the price is likely to not exceed 1600 yuan

"Xiaomi is a company that never fights a price war. From the beginning, it only sells directly at the cost price, directly working to half the price. This model will cause an avalanche effect in almost all walks of life. Why? Because the Internet environment we grow in assumes that the other side is powerless from the beginning. When we meet on a narrow road, the brave wins." Four years ago, Lei Jun's speech at the Shenzhen it leadership summit was still ringing in his ears

the pricing of Xiaomi intelligent all-in-one machine is unpredictable, but according to Xiaomi's consistent style, it should not "disappoint" everyone. Both smart speakers and smart speakers can find real cases. In March this year, Xiaomi launched Xiaoai speaker mini, which hit the market with a price of 169 yuan, and then adjusted the price to about 100 yuan during the "rice noodles" festival, with an appointment of more than 1 million units. Such a "routine", bathroom enterprises are unable to follow up, after all, millet has hundreds of millions of "rice noodles" support

for the sanitary ware industry, the biggest problem of Xiaomi's comprehensive entry may not be to seize market share, but the price strategy based on Xiaomi, which will make more and more consumers believe that intelligent sanitary ware products are probably worth this price, and the price of Xiaomi will become a reference standard. If Xiaomi sets a lower middle price, most health enterprises may also have to follow up, and sales and profits will be squeezed. Relying on its brand and huge fan base, Xiaomi can also rely on sales to ensure profits

in addition, except for Xiaomi, the "wolf", Midea, the "big tiger", has not seen any further moves to improve the strength of the professional and technical talent team. However, with Midea's acquisition of Toshiba in mid October last year, the first smart toilet lid went offline. At present, there are many Toshiba smart toilet lids on tmall. In the future, will Midea blow the horn and comprehensively enter the intelligent bathroom

some analysts say that the future smart bathroom market will be at least hit by the triple impact of household appliances: Panasonic has three sampling methods in the high-end market, midrange market has Midea, and Xiaomi in the middle and low-end market. They will attack comprehensively in multiple dimensions of brand, channel, product, and price. This sea of blood in the smart bathroom industry is inevitable

how to rush out

there is no way out by only making low prices. It seems that every enterprise is talking like this, but most enterprises are circling in such a strange circle

if you don't do it, others will do it, so you must do it. Fighting at low prices makes the enterprise itself very uncomfortable, but if you give up this market, the consequences will be very serious. The volume of high-end products will not go up, and the low-end products will not be made, and the whole brand will be marginalized

what's more annoying is that the homogenization is more violent than expected, from function to appearance, and even to advertising language, which is similar. At this year's Shanghai kitchen and bathroom exhibition, hundreds of bathroom enterprises exhibited covers or all-in-one machines, which gave people a sense of deja vu. Even the "foam purification" function, which was previously considered a gimmick, was also in full bloom

boss Wu, who is also engaged in smart bathroom, deeply felt the harshness of the current smart Bathroom Market: "everyone is taking off their clothes, drying their functions, and competing for prices. The smart bathroom market is like a slaughterhouse. 1000 yuan low-end smart toilet (cover) The market is already a red sea. If you want to make profits, you can only differentiate and go to the high end. It depends on who runs fast! If the enterprise has been based on the low-end and low gross profit, it will lose and be harvested in the long run if it does not have enough profits to support research and development. "

however, brands and high-end markets are like two mountains, pressing on a number of bathroom enterprises. Domestic intelligent sanitary ware enterprises, such as Hengjie, Jiumu, Huida, Wrigley, Dongpeng sanitary ware, xierkang, are all moving towards the high end and firmly holding their market position

however, for a large number of other small and medium-sized bathroom enterprises, there is still a long way to go in terms of high-end and brand reputation. Differentiation or teamwork may be the best choice. Because in this cold red sea, few brushes will be drowned alive, and more and more enterprises will go bankrupt or about to go bankrupt

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