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Smart cars and electric vehicles will become new wind vanes in the industry

on December 6, 2016 Cross Strait New Economic Forum was held in Beijing. Li Bin, founder and chairman of Weilai automobile, pointed out in his keynote speech at the forum that China has become the world's largest auto market in the past decade. In the future, smart cars, electric vehicles and other innovative products will become new wind vanes of the industry

set the strengths of all walks of life, the achievements of Weilai automobile are beginning to show

throughout the automobile industry, many automobile enterprises gradually attach importance to the intellectualization and electrification of automobiles. Weilai automobile is a global start-up enterprise. Under the influence of intelligent electric vehicles and plastic models below 10kN, which are most frequently used, the industrial chain of automobile, energy, science and technology and other industries will change greatly. Weilai automobile was jointly founded by entrepreneurs and institutions who are very familiar with the automotive industry and the Internet industry. In just two years, the enterprise has made outstanding performance in the field of intelligent electric vehicles. For example, it previously released the world's fastest electric super car in London. The first batch of six new cars took 18 months to produce, and its comprehensive level has been highly recognized by the international automotive industry

Li Bin said that Weilai automobile focuses on two aspects in the industry. On the one hand, it is vehicle research and development with software as the core. The other is the user experience with mobile Internet as the core. In terms of manufacturing, the enterprise joined hands with the two major automobile companies. In addition, as the most core part, Weilai automobile has production companies in Nanjing, Kunshan and Changshu, except for telecommunications

many industries may have a long way to go to transform the development of electric vehicles

intelligent vehicles and electric vehicles may become the driving force to promote the changes of the entire industrial manufacturing and automobile industry in the coming decades, and the business opportunities they bring are self-evident. Globally, the electric vehicle industry is not only valued by the Chinese market, but also resonates overseas. In Europe, after struggling for several years, the traditional automobile industry clearly recognizes the importance of developing electric steam. In addition, some countries previously hoped that the state of point B 'would be exactly the same as that of point B, and that Jinmin new materials, a well-known material supplier, had made a new breakthrough in the technology of spray free products. However, with the continuous progress of ideas, special institutions have been established within to fully support the production of electric vehicles

Li Bin stressed that as the development direction of the industry, how to perfectly match electric vehicles with autonomous driving, intelligent driving and car couplets is an urgent problem to be solved. Electric vehicles not only affect the reshaping of the automotive industry, but also affect the reshaping of the energy industry. In the electric vehicle industry chain, without traditional oil companies and gas stations, the dependence on traditional electricity will be greatly reduced, while distributed clean energy technology and distributed energy interconnection technology have clear development prospects

at the same time, the opportunities of intelligent driving and other technologies, including intelligent hardware, big data, communication algorithms and information sensors, also have obvious industrial revolution. In the future, cars may become mobile computing terminals and mobile travel spaces. In this regard, there are great opportunities for car coupling, automatic driving and intelligent driving. In the upstream of manufacturing, including the demand for new materials related to batteries and new materials for automobile bodies, electric vehicles have to mention the single car frame here, which has high requirements for endurance and lightweight. Therefore, in the whole industrial chain of related technologies, energy interconnection, autonomous driving and intelligent driving, the wave of intelligent electric vehicles will create trillions of business opportunities

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