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Smart city ushers in the outbreak period. How can operators seize the opportunity

the opinions on Further Strengthening the management of urban planning and Construction issued by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council recently pointed out that by 2020, a number of smart cities with distinctive characteristics will be built. Through smart city construction and a series of other urban planning and construction management measures, we will continue to improve the efficiency of urban operation. At present, local governments pay more and more attention to the introduction of social capital and adopt the diversified development mode of joint operation. Enterprises begin to invest in smart cities in a group way, which is welcomed by local governments. Market participants predict that smart cities will usher in an outbreak period in 2016. From 2016, the market scale of 100 billion to trillion yuan can be leveraged every year. Then, for telecom operators, what are the points where non operators are forbidden to stand for four weeks in the process of smart city construction? What capabilities can operators take advantage of? How to make a more forward-looking design

the four driving points for operators to build smart cities

the author believes that smart cities are first of all the upgrading of urban industries, which means that the Internet sinks into the infrastructure of all walks of life in the city, and the core is to promote the integrated application of data. The result is reflected in the supply of goods, manifested in the satisfaction of the needs of personalized consumer goods and the virtual accuracy of production enterprises. In the construction of smart city, the fields that operators can expand are mainly divided into four parts:

modern agriculture in smart city

we should focus on the application of interconnection as a tool to promote the realization of agricultural modernization, build an IOT environment for smart agriculture in agricultural production, build a rural e-commerce platform for suppliers and marketers, and rely on interconnected infrastructure resources, Connect virtual channels to terminals in the hands of agricultural product enterprises and personalized consumers. Specific measures that operators can take include accelerating hardware configuration and improving rural communication infrastructure through the national broadband rural benefit project; Accelerate the software configuration, embed the general platform of optical fiber into villages and households, and the technology integrated information service platform of the Ministry of agriculture into the national happy and beautiful new village project, and carry out large-scale promotion in rural areas throughout the country through the demonstration and application of information demonstration villages

industrial manufacturing of smart city

the mobile interconnection of smart city has changed the production mode of urban enterprises. The six links of traditional industrial manufacturing, product design and development, production, warehousing, logistics, orders and sales, have been subverted by the interconnection. Relying on urban information infrastructure, integrating information resources, and facing customers with a new business model, is becoming a mainstream trend of business. Smart city provides the possibility of new business development, promotes the development of industrial upgrading, the transformation of enterprises from sales to services, and the further improvement of market collaboration. The accurate marketing of modified plastics based on big data analysis provides a solid information foundation for the superposition and improvement of the value of enterprise services. All these make the industry highly developed, and the resource utilization rate is high. The sustainability of ecological society can be realized under the operation of smart city

emerging services of smart city

smart city is not only driving the rapid development of urban economy, but also a new way to serve the society and people's livelihood. Education, social security, health care, social management and other livelihood services will play a higher role in the construction of smart cities. E-government promotes the two-way communication between the government and residents to improve people's understanding and improve the intelligent level of government social management. The home-based elderly care information service platform will drive the rapid development of the elderly service industry, and the service field involving people and property will burst into stronger vitality. Logistics, finance and service outsourcing will be focused on building a smart city. The information traction of the integration of three streams will create great value for the emerging service industry

enterprise management of smart city

the economic behavior subject of smart city is enterprise. The foothold of the above three sectors is also enterprise management. The interconnection of enterprises will lead to the virtualization of enterprises. Focusing on e-commerce and big data management, the upgrading of enterprise management, processes and businesses, and the improvement of enterprise efficiency are the concentrated embodiment of the value stream and data application of smart cities

the three capabilities have become the advantages for operators to expand smart cities

telecom operators can undertake the important task of smart city construction of local governments. They should not only focus on local smart city construction, but also look at the whole country, because the sources of information are all over the country, and the construction of smart cities is closely related to the deployment of networks, platforms and information applications in other regions of the country, That is to say, the construction of smart city should concentrate the resources of the whole company

infrastructure capability

operators generally have the most extensive and solid information infrastructure implementation. For example, Chinatelecom has a three-dimensional high, fast and high-quality network composed of optical, 3g/4g, satellite and microwave. Optical coverage is leading in China and extends to the world, providing ubiquitous and high-speed network services. Chinatelecom has the largest CDMA network in the world, with more than 300000 3g/4g base stations, covering all cities at or above the county level and 34700 towns and townships. Chinatelecom also owns a satellite communication company, which is the only satellite operator in China

key business capabilities

operators have rich and diverse key business capabilities, such as big data resources and cloud computing resources, which can provide low-cost and high-efficiency cloud services and big data services. Telecom operators can provide comprehensive solutions based on big data, infrastructure and operation services to support the all-round needs of local government, enterprise management and public services. Operators also have the business ability of high-precision positioning, and can implement reliable and low-cost positioning services for logistics, field work and vehicles. Chinatelecom has added high-precision positioning services to the government's standardized management, home-based elderly care and agricultural technology information services, realizing the efficient circulation of government affairs, first aid and agricultural technology services. Operators also have a strong video monitoring platform, and the sky project in cooperation with the public security department has made many contributions to the criminal investigation and case solving of the public security department. Telecom operators also have perfect mobile payment capabilities, which can provide a wide range of services for government, commercial and public service institutions

service guarantee capability

telecom operators have a national one-stop service guarantee system. Operators have strong integration system and integration specialization ability, strong IT technology team, standard and nationwide service system, and localized IT service ability. The telecom it machine room places the managed servers of many enterprises and government units to provide elastic bandwidth services for many enterprises and government units, improve the response performance of their servers, and meet their service needs. Telecom operators also have advanced management systems, which can efficiently manage all kinds of businesses, and have strong full-service capabilities. In terms of operation and maintenance, it has a strong service support team, which can provide communication services in each township area and relevant service points

operators should aim at the future and strengthen forward-looking design

people have too many expectations for smart cities, and the future outlook needs to be expressed through design. The author believes that "Zeng Jian, executive deputy secretary of the petrochemical Federation, said at the meeting that telecom operators can promote the future design of smart cities from the following aspects:

industrial network collaboration

integrate industrial value through the integration of cloud computing, mobile Internet and collaboration technology, and through the new application of network collaboration technology. In the design of smart city, an industrial cloud platform is established in the industrial park to integrate the supporting facilities needed in research and development, production, sales, logistics and other links through network collaboration, so as to establish a regional economic layout of industrial convergence. The specific idea is to take the local pillar industry as the core, and conduct virtual docking with supporting industrial manufacturers across regions through network collaboration, so as to realize the virtual integrated operation of production and sales

intelligent services in manufacturing

through the embedding of chips, we can realize the integrated application of sensors, improve the intelligent control of hardware and software, and transfer products to services. In the design of smart city, the data collection and performance monitoring of products, and the provision of value-added services to users will usher in new opportunities for local manufacturing services. Providing new value-added services on the basis of traditional processing and maintenance, and providing a wide range of new manufacturing services will enable a wide blue ocean market from multiple experiments on one plate

medical universalization

centralized hospital medical treatment will be transformed into intensive personalized medical treatment. Everyone gathers personal physiological information to the platform through wearable information devices. Doctors treat human pathology through the decision-making information provided by big data analysis, which will greatly improve the efficiency of medical treatment and enable patients to receive effective treatment. In the design of smart city, local medical universalization should first establish a medical information sharing platform at all levels, then promote telemedicine projects, and finally realize medical universalization based on big data

popularization of education

in view of the geographical imbalance of educational resources, in the design of smart city, through the construction of educational resource concentration platform and educational management platform, relying on the Educational Metropolitan Area, the high-quality educational videos and related teaching resources are extended to the terminals of each teacher and student, and the school management system is conveniently implanted into the school server, so that schools, parents and students can realize two-way interaction, The data generated by the interaction will guide teachers to carry out targeted teaching and push teaching auxiliary materials to students, and the popularization of education can be realized

intelligent government affairs

in the design of smart cities, government affairs is the core. It is self-evident that government affairs are crucial to economic development and urban construction. The efficiency of government affairs is the bottleneck of economic development, government emergency response and urban construction. First of all, through the establishment of a unified government affairs cloud platform, we should eliminate the boundaries of functional departments and form a linkage of unified scheduling of regional resources. Secondly, through the interconnection and integration of data resources, we can provide data support for the key issues of synchronous development in economic development and urban construction. Finally, data should form decision-making resources, provide relevant policies for macro-control, and promote the integrated development of local politics, economy and ecology. (people's post and Telegraph)

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