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Smart city emergency management masters gathered in Yantai to talk about AI and brainstorm

smart city emergency management masters gathered in Yantai to talk about AI and brainstorm

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Jiaodong, February 28 (sun Zongshun intern Jiang Yiting) on the morning of the 27th, "creative intelligence, focus and empowerment" 2019 miaodun smart city emergency management and smart fire fighting forum was held in Yantai. At the event site, many domestic top industry experts and powerful enterprises gathered together to build a platform for the exchange and integration of government, industry, University, research and application through expert keynote speeches, development and construction thinking, experience sharing, new technology explanation and display, and jointly explore and build a smart city innovation industry chain

big coffee shared the smart city smart scene. At the event site, Qin Ping, general manager of smart city BG public utilities Business Department of iFLYTEK Co., Ltd., and Lin enqun, deputy general manager of bandlink (Shanghai) Digital City Information Technology Co., Ltd., delivered keynote speeches on "Ai helps smart city construction" and "CIM three-dimensional digital backplane and emergency fire command application" respectively

Qin Ping showed many technical achievements and their applications in different scenarios. It covers the world's leading voice and image recognition technology, as well as application cases in "artificial intelligence" to help the construction of smart cities, such as visualization of stadium maintenance, optimization of maintenance process, etc. Lin enqun analyzed the pain points and needs of the fire business, especially the scene display of fire rescue business in the field of intelligent fire protection, which brought new ideas to the participants

ha Wei, the assistant general manager of Shanghai Huanya insurance brokerage company, and Wei Wei, the general manager of the enterprise customer department of China Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd. Shandong Branch, gave special explanations on "technology enabled insurance, reshaping the insurance value chain" and "smart fire + insurance, the road of win-win cooperation"

super material inspired smart emergency management brainstorming

iFLYTEK signed a strategic cooperation agreement with miaodun IOT. Donglijin, chairman of miaodon IOT, said that it would carry out in-depth cooperation with iFLYTEK in the fields of smart city, smart emergency and smart fire protection, give full play to miaodon IOT's professional advantages in the application of smart fire protection, and strive to integrate AI and smart fire protection technologies and constantly create smart fire protection businesses. In the second half of the year, miaodun IOT and iFLYTEK will launch two robots in the field of fire protection, which will apply the speech recognition technology to attract product developers to join the monitoring field and realize the deep integration of technology in the process of battle command

miaodun insight equipment and fire cloud control water cannon system were displayed on site, which brightened the eyes of the participants. The insight device adopts the video analysis and alarm host independently developed by miaodon, and adopts the back-end analysis method, which can realize 21 functions such as wandering alarm and face detection; The fire control cloud water monitor fire extinguishing system consists of a manual control box and an automatic tracking and positioning jet fire extinguishing device. The scene also demonstrated how the equipment can find the fire source and alarm

the on-site physical exhibition of the forum was combined with sharing and exchange. In the one-day forum, several special explanations related to smart city emergency management brought brainstorming to participants. "Miaodun IOT emergency management and intelligent fire protection construction ideas", "traditional alarm products enter the era of big IOT", "Research on Intelligent justice construction in the era of AI", "woliantianxia, this aircraft has a wingspan of 385 feet, which has come" and other special explanations, which fully reflect the organic relationship between artificial intelligence and fire protection, alarm and justice, It also makes a full assumption of the future more intelligent biomedical materials industry status at home and abroad and the development trend of lifestyle

sharing win-win new technologies to help new urban construction

Dong Lijin, chairman of miaodon IOT, introduced that as a young company in Yantai, the company has 149 subsidiaries and partners in the country since its establishment four years ago. Miaodun IOT is committed to professional research and development in safety production, fire prevention and public security prevention and control. "We miaodun originally did some professional research and development in the field of smart fire fighting and smart emergency. Through this forum, we officially entered the field of smart city in 2019." Dong Lijin hydraulic universal experimental machine for teaching in Colleges and Universities -- waw ⑴ 000d microcomputer controlled point hydraulic servo universal experimental machine

the participating enterprises came from all over the country. Among them, sun Yongpeng, general manager of Southwest Yunhai big data industry Investment Co., Ltd., was deeply impressed by Yantai. He said that Yantai is an open, innovative and dynamic city. "This time we come to Yantai, mainly to learn from Yantai miaoden the experience of the whole smart city, smart emergency and smart fire fighting. It is not only a project implementation company, but also a company integrating R & D, implementation and service. It is a unicorn in our industry. Therefore, we hope to further cooperate with it in Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan and Tibet."

Hou Guangyao, Deputy Secretary General of Shandong IOT Association and Secretary General of Shandong smart fire industry alliance, said that this forum deeply analyzed and interpreted the national policies on smart cities and smart fire, and carried out technology sharing and collision. With the concept of openness, inclusiveness and innovation driven, the participating units have developed together, which is conducive to the rapid growth of Yantai miaoden and the sharing and win-win of cooperative units. The application of new technologies in smart cities and smart fire fighting will build a new type of city that is safer, more convenient and more efficient

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