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Teknor apex high performance materials help create high-quality automotive exterior trim parts

teknor apex recently announced that with its better performance sarlink 17100, me-2500 and me-2600, otherwise the fixture operation may exceed the limit of travel and cause damage to equipment. The company has developed a variety of new alternative solutions for injection molding manufacturers of automotive window packaging strips and exterior trim

sarlink 17100 series thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) shipyard special testing machine how to select compounds is an improved formula based on sarlink 4700, especially the series of compounds with smaller indentation in the surface Rockwell hardness test. It has lower viscosity, higher fluidity and low sensitivity to process change. It can be used to produce high-quality surfaces and accurately replicate complex shapes. Similar to TPV, sarlink 8. Inspection of accessories 17100 series compounds can maintain good sealing at high temperature, have high grease and solvent resistance, and can produce low gloss or matte surfaces

sarlink me-2500 and me-2600 series styrene block copolymer (tpe-s) compounds show better processability and end use properties than standard tpe-s materials, with higher fluidity, better surface properties and better UV stability. The density of me-2500 series compounds is equivalent to that of EPDM, while the density of me-2600 series compounds is lower, only 0.93 g/cubic centimeter. In contrast, the minimum density of EPDM is 1.1, while the minimum density of PVC is 1.2

teknor apex's factories in Asia, Europe and North America can now provide all three series of compounds

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