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Te connectivity launches servo motor solutions new member Motoman hybrid connector

China industrial control information te connectivity launches servo motor solutions new member Motoman hybrid connector

Shanghai, China, July 20, 2017 recently, te connectivity (hereinafter referred to as TE), a global leader in connectivity and sensing, launched a new member Motoman hybrid connector for servo motor solutions, A full range of connector combinations suitable for all motor types and suitable for all applications. The product portfolio covers industrial motor solutions, such as servo motors, linear motors, spindle motors and stepper motors

due to the efficiency of servo motor, its application scope has been expanding, especially in the internal application of material processing systems and mechanical devices. Claus kleed rfer, product manager of te global motor connection, said that the motorman hybrid connection solution we launched is suitable for decentralized motors and drives, which is not only suitable for harsh environments, but also helps customers save costs. In addition, by reducing the need for cables, the installation process can be simplified

countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile are gradually developing decentralized drives to industrialized countries, which can also reduce the requirements for the temperature control system in the control cabinet (drivers are usually installed in the control cabinet), thus further saving costs

more and more distributed servo drivers are connected through high-speed Ethernet and provide real-time control. However, the disadvantages of using dual cables for signal and power supply still exist to a large extent. However, the decentralized technology that motorman hybrid connectors can provide uses separate cables for power, signal and data, helping manufacturers optimize production in accordance with industry 4.0 standards

two fast Ethernet slots can realize all the advantages of real-time automatic control, while reducing the complexity and cost of cabling. The configuration process of the motorman hybrid connector launched by te is simple and safe to use. It can realize diagnostic access only by opening the side cover, diagnosis and maintenance can be carried out without disconnecting any cable connection, and reliable communication meeting the requirements of CAT5e can be achieved in a harsh environment. Because its crimp type multi terminal adopts te Mcon interconnection system, the processing process can be completed in the application tool to achieve high repeatability. Therefore, the system cost is low. In addition, the current Chinaplas code of the plug-in can be defined by itself, so the replacement of the connector in use is avoided

at the beginning of the year, te added a sheathed connector to its motorman hybrid connector series, which includes a secondary locking device to achieve more advanced security. In addition, cable crimping connectors suitable for cabinet applications are added to the series. These new models supplement the original models and are applicable to AC servo motors of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Te motorman provides two different types of shells. The metal shell version is suitable for harsh industrial environment, and the plastic shell provides customers with more air quality ammonia determination ion selective electrode method gb/t 14669 ⑼ 3 economic and practical choice

the waterproof and dustproof grade of motorman hybrid connector reaches IP65, and it can withstand an impact force of 50g for more than 90 days. The operating temperature ranges from minus 40 ℃ to above 85 ℃. The rated voltage is 750 VDC; The maximum working voltage is 900 VDC and the withstand voltage is 4 kV

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