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Application of Tekscan pressure distribution analysis system in CMP

Tekscan has the world's most advanced contact pressure measurement system. The system is accurate, easy to use and cost-effective. Define the needs of customers through high-quality services and provide the best solutions

i-scan system is a powerful pressure measurement system under Tekscan, which provides tools for analyzing, displaying, and adjusting wafer pressure distribution during wafer CMP grinding. The figure is a case of I-Scan in wafer CMP grinding. Put the ultra-thin and non-invasive sensor of I-Scan between the polishing head and the wafer, "Fu Xiangsheng said. The force and uniformity of the wafer will be displayed in real time on the large recovery of production efficiency of the computer screen. Users can adjust the polishing head in real time according to the obtained data/images, Until the stress on the wafer is uniform. It greatly improves the yield of wafer production and saves the adjustment time of grinding equipment

i-scan can be used for static or dynamic analysis, and the data can be displayed in 2D (Figure 2) or 3D (Figure 3). It can be seen from the figure that the stress on the periphery is relatively small, and Figure 4 is the sectional analysis

i-scan can be used on single polishing head or equipment, and it enjoys independent intellectual property rights. The sensor can be customized according to the needs of customers to cooperate with multi polishing head equipment to detect wafers in a full range. (end)

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