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Delta won two awards in the automation industry in 2012

comb 2011 and start 2012! With the increasing integration and innovation in the automation industry, the 2012 China Automation Industry Annual Conference and the seventh China automation industry century trip, hosted by the China automation society, held a grand annual selection and award ceremony at the four seasons Royal Garden International Hotel in Beijing on April 12. Delta group, the leading brand of industrial automation, won the top ten annual enterprises in the automation field in 2011 and the most competitive innovative product award in 2011 at one stroke. The two honors brought a complete end to Delta's past 2011 and opened a new journey of integration and innovation in 2012

Zhongda Diantong representative (second from the right) received the 2011 top ten annual enterprise awards in the automation field

founded in 1971, delta group upholds the business mission of environmental protection, energy conservation and love the earth. In the past year, it has continued to innovate in technology, and many products have become world-class leaders, and won many honors: it has been selected as Forbes magazine's top 50 enterprises in Asia; It has been selected as one of the top 100 low-carbon enterprises in the world by European business magazine (CNBC); Delta has won the top 20 international brands in Taiwan. 3. The technical strength of reusing the software to copy the pattern or export the defect prompt when the software plays the role of Excel proves that these honors are well deserved. In terms of the integration and innovation of brand marketing mode, Delta has sponsored three consecutive Delta Cup International solar architecture design competitions; In response to the 12th Five Year Plan for education, Delta Automation Laboratory has stationed in more than 10 colleges and universities, and has carried out various teaching and research projects and industry forums such as delta power electronics science and education development plan, delta visiting scholar plan, Zhongda scholar plan, data report printing and other Zhongda young scholar plans, which have made due contributions to the promotion of industry talents and technology, It has been highly recognized by the industry in terms of industry popularity and brand reputation. It can be called the top ten annual enterprises in the automation field in 2011

Delta industrial product line covers control, drive, motion, transmission and other fields. Through the integration and innovation of technical resources, delta group has entered the servo field, and successively launched a, B, AB servo series products that shocked the industry. In 2011, it launched asda-m series servo, the perfect crystal of intelligent servo system and controller. This product integrates all the advantages of DELTA servo series products, and with its one machine and three axes, The more intelligent and flexible technical design with more highlights makes the performance more stable, the operation more flexible, and the control more accurate, bringing the servo application into the most avant-garde intelligent application mode, which has been unanimously praised by users since it was launched. This product inherits its advantages and breaks through the traditional technology research and development for future applications. Delta asda-m series servo won the most competitive innovative product award in 2011, which not only allows the industry to see the development space of advanced servo technology, but also witnesses the technical strength of delta

this annual award comes from the expert evaluation group composed of experts from different scientific research institutes and the user expert evaluation group composed of users from 12 industries such as metallurgy, rail transit, automobile, chemical industry, food and beverage. At the same time, voting is opened. The combination of the three evaluation methods reflects openness, impartiality and fairness, and conveys the voice of the future development and needs of automation technology to the automation industry. In this beautiful spring, delta group won these two awards, which can be described as a bright spring. The person in charge of receiving the award said: in 2012, delta group will continue to walk on the road of integration and innovation, and more and better industrial automation technology products will be launched continuously, which will let the industry see the figure that Delta has been working hard

about delta group

delta group helped consumers experience a better life. Founded in 1971, it is a leading manufacturer of power management and heat dissipation management solutions. It occupies a world-class important position in a number of product areas. It has won awards from global mainstream financial media such as BusinessWeek, Forbes and CNBC Europe. In 2011, the total revenue of the group exceeded US $7.1 billion

in the face of increasingly serious climate change issues, delta adheres to the business mission of "environmental protection, energy conservation and love the earth", uses the basis of power design and management, integrates global resources and innovative research and development, and deeply cultivates three business areas, including "power supply and components", "energy management" and "smart green life". Since 2006, the new global factory offices have adopted the green building concept. Taida Tainan factory is the first factory building in Taiwan to obtain the diamond green building certification, which saves 30% of energy and 40% of water resources compared with ordinary buildings

in the field of industrial automation, Delta, with its accumulated professional experience in power electronics and control technology, has continuously expanded its product line since it began to produce frequency converters in 1995. So far, it has three categories of complete, advanced and reliable automation products with complete series of drive, control and motion, which can ensure the qualification of materials, and is promoting the continuous progress of automation technology in the world with infinite innovation

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