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Teged: "borrow" a set of fully imported robots

Abstract: in fact, people have always been vague about the concept of machine replacement. Robot replacement is actually a relatively general concept, which may be more likely to replace the operators on the production line in people's impression

in recent years, intelligent manufacturing products all over the world have been developing vigorously, and various intelligent manufacturing system plans and pilot projects have been carried out and implemented on a large scale. At present, made in China has gradually bid farewell to the era of low-cost competition, and intelligent manufacturing has become the hottest choice for enterprise transformation and upgrading. With the help of capital policy, the "machine replacement" action is booming all over the country

in fact, people have always been vague about the concept of machine replacement. Robot replacement is actually a relatively general concept, which may be more likely to replace the operators on the production line in people's impression. Now robots have gradually replaced people in all walks of life, but the appearance of this kind of robots is very different from the traditional form, but in essence, it is to liberate the labor force, make users convenient and more efficient

it is difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to "replace people with machines"! hard! Hard

under the background of rising labor costs and accelerating industrial transfer, the pressure faced by small and medium-sized enterprises has increased sharply. How to make industrial robots enter more small and medium-sized enterprises has become an urgent problem to be solved

guorencai, general manager of tegade, said, "industrial robot technology is currently developing. 1. Its main uses: the exhibition is fast. Every time you participate in industrial technology forums and exhibitions, you will see some products and new technologies come out. Robots have completed most of the simple and repetitive work. In the future, through the high combination of artificial intelligence and industrial robots, more work will be replaced by intelligent robots."

the industry is not the most important. In fact, generally speaking, robots should be used to replace the work that people do not need or are unwilling to complete. This has become the general trend of every industry with higher labor costs and higher requirements of workers for working conditions

however, small and medium-sized enterprises should completely complete the process of machine replacement, regardless of scale, economic strength, or market considerations. The cost of replacing people with machines is not low. At present, more than 90% of the automation equipment used by machine replacement comes from abroad, with high prices, large investment, and cost recovery may take 3-5 years. Many small and micro enterprises do not have financial strength, are willing but insufficient, and face problems such as imported equipment is not suitable for domestic production lines

open the new mode of "machine replacement"

tegade's equipment is also pure imported, but it has given customers great surprise in terms of price, adaptability and so on. During the operation of the company, tegade found that many customers have many concerns about the "robot replacement", such as the large one-time investment, the stability of equipment, product replacement, production efficiency, and the technical level of their own personnel

in response to these problems, tegade launched a new model of robot replacement - rental model. This model not only solves various concerns of end customers, but also provides customers with flexible choices

1. Easy payment: don't let customers pay a penny in the early stage, and charge by piece; A variety of payment and billing methods, easy payment by installments, ease the financial pressure

2. Reduce losses: after use, the troubles and possible losses of the robot are not handled

the unique properties of these materials can also be used in pipeline systems, large oil pipeline lines, containers and airport radomes

3 Tax savings: lease expenses can be included in the cost as monthly operating expenses to save relevant tax expenses and avoid equipment depreciation calculation

4. Flexible lease term: the lease term is diverse and flexible, which is suitable for various production needs

5. One stop service: provide one-stop services such as transportation, installation and commissioning, maintenance, etc., to reduce the burden on enterprises

6. Good maintenance: 7 * 24 hours of fault response during the lease term, hourly on-site service according to the area, responsible for repair and replacement

7. Flexible combination: change the machine at any time according to the needs of the enterprise. It is required to have high strength, wear resistance and stiffness to meet the needs of customers

8. Flexible increase and decrease: flexibly adjust the number of robots according to the development of the enterprise

solve the problem of enterprise cost in multiple links

the robots currently purchased by teged are German original KUKA industrial robots, which serve the major German vehicle manufacturers before arriving at China. Tegade obtained first-hand information and resources through effective channels and transported them to China in batches, which greatly reduced the cost of the successful transformation of this scientific and technological achievement of robot in jiayitong. Compared with the domestic brand-new KUKA robot, it can effectively reduce the price and cost without reducing the quality. The so-called high cost performance means this

enterprises don't have to worry about the quality of machines. These robots have been in service for about 10 years, and the overall quality and accuracy are still very high

at the same time, tegade has solved the major problem of the current imported machines in terms of after-sales service. Many enterprises complain that one of the major points of the imported robots is the problem of after-sales maintenance. For example, a screw is broken. Because there is no sales of supporting parts in China, the enterprises need to order from the original factory. The manpower and material resources spent in the process are immeasurable, which has brought great losses to the enterprises. Tegade has its own training center and hardware maintenance center, and all robots are guaranteed for life, completely eliminating the concerns of enterprises in this regard

about them

tegade intelligent equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015 with a registered capital of 5million. At present, it has more than 30 employees, all of whom have college degrees or above. Tegade is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R & D and manufacturing of non standardized equipment and the design and development of virtual simulation for industrial robot applications. He is the initiator and advocate of the leasing mode of industrial robots. At present, it has customers in automobile, consumer electronics, fast-moving consumer goods, food and other industries

since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the core values of "win-win with customers" and the employment guidelines of "coexistence with employees". At present, our customers are leading enterprises in the fields of new energy, auto parts, bathroom, luggage manufacturing and so on. With the gradual increase of R & D investment, the company's products and services have been recognized and supported by more and more customers

in the next few years, the company will increase its investment in science and technology, strengthen its scientific and technological advantages, and improve its service quality, so that the company can form a high-quality talent team including R & D personnel, management personnel, and marketing personnel. With professional technical level and unremitting efforts, it will serve more customers and create a full-quality team of service + technology in the intelligent equipment industry

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