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Delta participated in the 2019 "smart Manufacturing China" summit to deeply interpret the value of green smart manufacturing

smart manufacturing is the core of manufacturing industry reform. Delta has actively promoted the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in recent years. By exploring the needs of industry customers, and taking the automation and energy efficiency management system solutions built over the years as the core, Delta has created a complete intelligent factory overall solution to continue to empower the manufacturing industry. At the 2019 smart Manufacturing China Summit held on December 3, Lian Jiantang, chief technology officer of Delta Electromechanical business group, was invited to attend and deliver a speech. Based on the emergence of a "eatable" water bag from Delta in the supply station, he actively built a green intelligent manufacturing solution, and deeply interpreted the value of green smart manufacturing in promoting manufacturing industry reform and a new round of scientific and technological revolution

at present, under the influence of the change of social consumption patterns and the trend of market production according to demand, the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China has achieved good results in production mode, service mode, business mode and so on; But at the same time, it also faces core problems such as insufficient supply capacity of key technical equipment and industrial software compared with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, limited application and promotion of industrial standards, and constraints on development factor resources. In this regard, Lian Jiantang said that the automation market is changing. I am convinced that the deep integration of informatization and industrialization has built a new digital market, and the pace of automation towards intelligent manufacturing is accelerating. In order to meet the needs of modern manufacturing industry, we should build a green intelligent manufacturing system with automation, modularization, standardization and virtualization

at the same time, Lian Jiantang said that the future automation market will enter the general pattern of intelligent manufacturing industry and bring high growth market space for some emerging industries, such as 5g, integrated circuits and basic hardware. As a major provider of intelligent manufacturing, Delta has been continuously strengthening its own technology and service capabilities for many years, continuously providing valuable services to customers and helping customers complete the task of industrial upgrading

Delta has made remarkable achievements in the development of intelligent manufacturing. It combines the core technology of power electronics with industrial knowledge, and its own integrated experience in the development of factories, combined with equipment linkage, production equipment information collection, manufacturing visual management platform, and factory equipment and factory energy consumption and other information monitoring programs, covering all-round intelligent factory links of factory equipment, processes, production lines, and energy consumption, Provide industry customers with intelligent solutions covering the whole plant

2019 smart Manufacturing China Summit is hosted by CCID consultants, with the theme of exploring new models, igniting new engines and opening a new era. It is intended to further strengthen the cohesion of China's smart manufacturing ecological partners and better build China's smart manufacturing ecological community. This summit brought together a number of government leaders. 1. Precautions for steel bar zigzag testing machine, key personnel from industry leading enterprises, scientific research institutions and associations to conduct extensive exchanges on current hot issues of intelligent manufacturing, so as to provide reference for the innovative development and ecological construction of intelligent manufacturing

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