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Tektronix China's general agent was settled in 2012. Tektronix (Tektronix), the global leader in the field of testing, measurement and monitoring, and one of the largest integrated service providers of instrumentation and measurement in China, Tektronix received news at the beginning of 2012 from Shenzhen Ritu Technology Co., Ltd., China's core first-class agent. On the basis of authorizing the first-class agent of Ritu technology, Tektronix increased its cooperation in 2012, The new technology of TDS200 is always described as "revolutionary". 0 series oscilloscope products (tds2001c, tds2002c, TDS accounting for 0.01% of the registered capital 2004c, tds2012c) are authorized to Shenzhen Ritu Technology Co., Ltd. as the national general agent of Tektronix in the Chinese market. T samples ds2000 series oscilloscope products in the failed parts and intact parts of materials respectively as part of the expansion cooperation between the two companies in the Chinese market, With the help of NICU technology and its huge customer base in China, as well as the second and third tier dealer/distributor platforms, it will bring more in-place tracking services, warranty and information feedback to customers in various regions, and further strengthen and expand Tektronix's market share in China

Ritu technology said: we have kept pace with Tektronix since we started our business. 2012 ushered in the 15th year. Whether from the mature product marketing system, the senior technical supporting service ability, we have won the recognition of our customers and achieved satisfactory results. Since the establishment of the first Tektronix rikto Joint Laboratory in South China on the basis of cooperation between the two sides in 2011, it has successfully obtained the national general agent of TDS2000 series oscilloscope products (tds2001c, tds2002c, tds2004c, tds2012c) in China in 2012, which will greatly improve the market competition of rikto science and technology, speed up the new industrialization road with Chinese characteristics, and further contribute to manufacturing, scientific research, education, electricity, energy Communication and many other fields provide comprehensive packaging services for test and measurement supporting equipment. The title of general agent of Tektronix China series products in Diandian is not only an affirmation of the sincere cooperation between the enterprises of both sides, but also a share

Nitu technology has been based in the instrument and meter industry for 15 years. While providing professional instrument and meter comprehensive services for the national electronic manufacturing industry, it pays more attention to the experience of customer localization services. Through its own development and technological maturity, at present, there are quite mature test and measurement supporting schemes in the instrument and meter industry. If you know more about our products, you can log in as follows:

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