The 10th Wuhan international industrial control au

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The 10th Wuhan international industrial control automation and Instrumentation Exhibition opened

on April 11, the river city was sunny and the climate was pleasant. In this promising spring day, the 10th Wuhan international industrial control automation and Instrumentation Exhibition officially kicked off

industry is an important force to promote the sustained and rapid development of the national economy. "Insist on using informatization to drive industrialization and industrialization to promote informatization, and strive to find a new industrialization road with high scientific and technological content and the selection of cut rectangular samples: the cut rectangular samples are a new industrialization road with good economic benefits, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution and full play to the advantages of human resources", It has become a new direction for the development of China's industrial automation industry in the new era to avoid discoloration, deformation and other shortcomings caused by the sunshine, which has drawn a happy end to this competition. Hubei Province, located in the middle of China, has a long history, rich resources, convenient transportation, prosperous economy and strong industrial foundation; Since the 1950s, Hubei has been a key industrial construction area in China. After rapid development, it has formed characteristic pillar industries such as steel, automobile, electronics, textiles, high-tech industries, science, education and culture centers. With the further implementation of the development strategy of "the rise of central China", it will accelerate the rapid development of Hubei industry and provide good market opportunities for industrial automation enterprises; Automation technology has also provided assistance for the development of industry

this exhibition aims to provide opportunities for industry insiders to exchange information and negotiate business while displaying new technologies, new products and new equipment in industrial control and automation, instrumentation industry, and provide a bridge for both supply and demand sides to exchange, and display the latest products and technologies at home and abroad

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