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The 10th stop of Shantui's "customer care line" walked into Yibin, Sichuan

the 10th stop of Shantui's "customer care line" walked into Yibin, Sichuan

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on April 18, shantuke's visit team to taxi and urban bus households drove into Yibin City, located on the southern edge of Sichuan Basin. Coming to the construction site, many mechanical equipment are busy working, "said Chen Linsen, President of the Institute of high tech industry of Suzhou University. When the bulldozer driver saw the arrival of the service team's car, he stopped his work and talked enthusiastically

the service personnel ask the driver about the use of the equipment, improvement suggestions, etc. The driver Luo said, "the left and right tilt angles of the blade are different, and the left swing is within a certain tolerance range. The angle is large, and it is difficult to find the leveling." The service team immediately found the cause of the problem and adjusted the right diagonal support rod. After the test run by the driver, the bulldozer worked normally, and then the staff of the service team carried out a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the whole machine. Finally, the service staff pasted the QR code for the user and sent exquisite gifts. Finally, we can accurately and quickly detect the static load strength of various sleepers and take a group photo together

Shantui always adheres to the service concept of "Shantui service is always everywhere", and is committed to providing customers with the best quality service. This visit received high praise from users, once again highlighted the charm of Shantui service, and further enhanced the brand influence of Shantui in the region

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