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Xianhe shares 11.8 billion yuan high-performance paper-based new material project settled in Guangxi Laibin

release date: Source: Volkswagen Securities News

recently, at the signing ceremony of the guest venue of the 17th China ASEAN Expo, Zhejiang Xianhe Co., Ltd. signed an investment agreement with Laibin City, Guangxi, and the Sanjiangkou high-performance paper-based new material project in Laibin city was officially signed and implemented. This is a major achievement of Xianhe Co., Ltd. in response to Laibin City in Guangxi, which has spared no effort to build a new highland in the interior of Guangxi to undertake industrial transfer in the East, increased efforts to attract industrial investment, and accelerated the construction of the "forest, pulp, paper, and utility" integrated industrial park in Sanjiangkou new area

it is understood that according to the cooperation agreement, the high-performance paper-based new material project in Sanjiangkou new area will be invested and constructed in three phases with a total investment of 11.8 billion. The investment mainly involves two parts: main projects and supporting auxiliary facilities, and supporting projects for industrial chain extension. The supporting auxiliary ball screw of the main project has almost no self-locking facilities, including: the construction of a high-performance paper-based new material and fiber preparation project with an annual output of 2.5 million tons and its supporting auxiliary facilities such as cogeneration, water supply and drainage, wharf logistics supply chain, energy management, talent apartments and staff dormitories; Supporting projects for the extension of the industrial chain include the construction of related industrial projects and related infrastructure in the park, such as 300000 tons of paper calcium and 500000 tons of lime calcium products, 500000 tons of paper chemicals, 200000 tons of paper deep processing, 300000 cubic meters of concrete mixing plant, and more than 10 related industrial projects will be introduced through investment attraction

Wang Minliang, chairman of Xianhe Co., Ltd., said that the enterprise will give full play to its professional expertise, accumulate a lot and transplant mature high-quality products to guests. Relying on the local rich resource advantages in China's convenient reception industry of waste plastic modified plastic materials, developing new products with broad market prospects and building intelligent manufacturing with digital integration of traditional industries, the implementation of degradable plastics has become a top priority, a dual cycle park with the integration of secondary and tertiary industries and the development of "Forest Pulp and paper" integrated industry. Based on the guests, taking Guangxi as a springboard to participate in the global competition, it plays a demonstration role for Sanjiangkou new area to undertake the industrial transfer in the East, and also creates a new growth pole for the development of the company during the "14th five year plan"

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